Country based boarding kennels at Leithfield near Christchurch

Looking for country based boarding kennels? Call Kowai at Leithfield near Christchurch today to find out more.
Kennels at Leithfield near Christchurch

Fun in the country

Does your dog like to run or just laze about in the sun?

Plenty of space & grass for fun and play are all favourite features at Kowai. All pets have 4 hours per day out in the paddocks.  

Dogs are exercised in social groups, individually or in family groups.  

Trust, play and cuddles

Plenty of ‘people time’ with your dog establishes a strong trusting bond that ensures they are relaxed, happy and well cared for. On their next visit they bounce through the door to give us a big warm welcome.

Short and long-term boarding

Treat your dog to a country holiday when you have a long break or overseas trip. We have had pets here for up to 6 months.

Food and medication

The main serve is ROYAL CANIN (a high quality weight based dog food). Tux and dog roll also, depending upon your pet's requirements. 

Dietary & medication needs are catered for at no extra charge.

Boarding fees / Daily Rate

At Kowai we offer competitive daily boarding rates with no public holiday surcharges. Daily rate includes food (ROYAL CANIN being the main serve) and is GST incl.

Individual dogs (includes food) 

Small: (eg. Jack Russel, Bichon, Scotties, Westies, Poodles, Pugs) $18 per day

Medium: (eg. Spoodle, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Beagle, Border/Fox Terrier) $20 per day

Large: (eg. Labrador, Golden Retriever, GSP, German Shepherd, Huntaway, Boxer, Springer, Dalmation) $22 per day

Extra large: (eg. Mastiff, New Foundland, Great Dane, Greyhound) $24 per day

Bedding and toys

Bedding is available, but pets settle quicker with something from home - bring your own cuddly or bedding.  However, preferably no bean bags.
Kennels at Leithfield near Christchurch
Day runs where dogs can laze in the sun or curl up in a kennel
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